A ready-made environment for actionable cyber intelligence! CatchProbe Platform allows you to start working in seconds by not requiring an installation or a configuration. It is now at your fingertips to access processed data, be informed about threat actors, to secure yourself and your institution.

With Intelligence as a Service, we enable you to take action by providing you the information on malicious addresses acquired from hundreds of open intelligence sources, and unique malicious addresses detected by the CatchProbe family. Created by integration of its products, CatchProbe is able to offer you autonomous security by communicating threats to your security products. Enter the intelligence world now without the need for an installation and increase the cybersecurity level of your organization and system in minutes.

Manage Threats and Be Informed Before Anyone Else!

Manage Organizations

Manage threats, share and enable them to be shared among inter or intra-institutions.

Integrate with Your Existing Security Products

Be able to enrich the analyzes or directly block them by allowing auto communicate threats to your security products.

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Cover all threats with TAXII/STIX or the REST API.

The CatchProbe ThreatWay Platform incorporates data from different sources into the normalization process and makes the data readily available for you to distribute. Data translated into STIX types can be shared with institutions within milliseconds with the TAXII protocol.

Why ThreatWay is Important?

ThreatWay allows you to automatically block threats and eliminates the risks caused by known threat actors.

ThreatWay makes it easy to manage threats and activities, and allows you to forward them to your suborganizations and institutions within milliseconds.

ThreatWay not only feeds from the open source, it also allows you to prevent unique threats detected within the CatchProbe family.

ThreatWay Collects Threats in One Platform

CatchProbe ThreatWay relieves you of the stress of having to track threats from multiple sources, and does this for you automatically. CatchProbe ThreatWay automatically enriches the information acquired from hundreds of sources and helps you better understand threats.

CatchProbe THREATWAY Platform basically performs four main tasks. These tasks are;

Collecting and distributing all data acquired from the exposed attacks

Distributing the attacks coming from the Deception Network

Adding foresight by exploring the possible attacks

Sharing the threats to protect your environment