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Catchprobe Deceptive
Management System

CatchProbe’s Deception System offers users the ability to set Next Generation AI-based traps, easy and fast, to collect information about intruders or users who is trying to gain unauthorized access to Information Systems.

Deceptive Management System

If we look at the features offered by the system;

  • Real-Time Status Tracking
  • Micro-Service Infrastructure
  • Easy and quick installation
  • A list of rich and special Scenarios
  • Possibility Of Analysis
  • Privacy
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CatchProbe Deception Management System

It aims to collect cyber intelligence by creating next generation, artificial intelligence-based traps.

Our next generation, artificial intelligence-based traps that will be located in the customer's internal network or in the internet-open network provide the opportunity to collect preliminary intelligence for internal and external threats. The CatchProbe Deception Management System can dynamically manage and monitor all traps, that can be set up in minutes, on a centralized management application.

The CatchProbe Deception Management Platform aims to collect cyber intelligence by creating traps in multiple types and locations. In this way, it is possible to access many useful information such as IP addresses belonging to attackers, attack vectors, attack methods, as well as tools used in attacks, specially developed exploits, domain names used to spread malware.

Besides collecting preliminary intelligence for internal and external threats, SmartDeceptive also performs attack surface analyzes, Intel-Based Proactive ICS Defense and structure attack detection and attack motivation detection by integrating to LeakMap.

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Real-Time Status Tracking

In-Depth Analysis and Intelligence Area

Thanks to the monitoring mechanism installed in the system, the health-check status of all honey cubes that have been installed and broadcast is checked and recorded, including resource consumption, during a possible attack and gives warnings. In this way, it is possible to intervene in a honeypots that has become unresponsive due to an attack or welding problem.

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Easy And Quick Installation

In-Depth Analysis and Intelligence Area

Depending on the scenario to be created, it is possible to installation the honeypot in the existing data center or in a cloud-based system within seconds and start collecting data.

A List Of Rich and Special Scenarios

Deception system with low-level interaction can be created, such as ftp, smtp, ssh, http and scada, as well as custom scenarios with high-level interaction.

Possibility Of Analysis

In-Depth Analysis and Intelligence Area

  • Packet capture data file (pcap) files, which are transmitted to the center at regular intervals, can analyze all traffic as well as exploits thanks to file upload scenarios.


In-Depth Analysis and Intelligence Area

  • One of the most important benefits of the system is that it cannot be defined as a deceptive systems for a long time thanks to its realistic responses to search engines or robots, and thus it continues to collect data with minimal resources and effort.
  • Alarm generation and reporting will be another important feature of the system. In addition to numerical reports on which deceptive system comes from which data, how many and what types of deceptive system in total, it is possible to automatically get information from the system thanks to customized reports.