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The CatchProbe DarkMap module is a crawling and scraping system that allows you to search the contents collected in a simple interface. CatchProbe DarkMap dominates the web intelligence world and allows your analysts to find sensitive information about you or your organization on alternative web networks and social media easily. Explore the white paper now to view the framework for evaluation and analysis in DarkMap



Deception systems are trap servers that collect information about intruders or users who gain unauthorized access to information systems. SmartDeceptive allows you to collect cyber intelligence by creating Next Generation AI-based deception traps in multiple types and locations, deceiving threat actors without being constrained by scenario limitations. We are able to provide rich Windows, Linux, and ICS scenarios and see the unique attacks caught by your “sui generis” traps. Explore the SmartDeceptive white paper to see a detailed study of its capabilities and features.



Collect and distribute data from exposed attacks collected from the open source, deploy attacks that have not yet been disclosed over the honeypot network, and add foresight to your organization by exploring possible and emerging attacks. Explore the CatchProbe ThreatWay white paper to see how it can obtain data from hundreds different sources in real time, as well as how it allows you to share the intelligence you want, when you need, inside and outside your organization.