LeakMap identifies breaches and credential compromise at the source and provides instant alerts for critical data leaks. Empower LeakMap with ActiveGuard and integrate the product with your database to prevent, detect, and reset compromised active directory passwords.


Key Features


Stop Being Masked

data. Get the critical information you should be aware of, uncensored.


Set Alarms

Create alerts so you or your business can be notified of leaks.


Take a Deep Dive

Be prepared to perform cyber intelligence analysis in a world where all leaks are connected. LeakMap connects these leaks for you.

Monitor Your Digital Identity

Did you know that one of the most common methods used by threat actors to access your infrastructures is using your information they find from leaked database sources? This is why monitoring your digital identity is extremely important to the security of your business. Achieve this now with LeakMap.

Trusted Leader

Find leaks while protecting yourself. LeakMap does not record, log, or track you. We work to protect you and your privacy and believe your searches only concern you.

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Analyzed Open Source

If you have experience with the open-source world, then you know what sensitive data can be accessed there. How about having your leaked data identified and mapped for you? LeakMap offers you this and your raw data.

We Don’t Hide What’s Yours

We inform you when your data leaks, uncensored, and provide a value-added service. We also do not log your activity. CatchProbe is a product that protects you, while ensuring your privacy.

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