Here is an idea: Check a person’s background by looking into their leaks. Personal information can fall into the hands of attackers and end up available online. LeakMap contains terabytes of data that grows every day. CatchProbe offers you this infrastructure with functional search methods, giving you the ability to see all the leaked data, including where they were leaked from.

Monitor your digital identities!

Today, most of the people are engaged in online activities. This may cause much of their personal and sensitive information to fall into the hands of attackers who may use this information for malicious purposes. This is why it is extremely important to monitor your digital identity and take precautions if your information is leak. then why not use it against candidates to protect your institution. But why not look into the leaks to find out more about a candidate?

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Analyzed Open Source

If you have experience with the open-source world, then you know what sensitive data can be accessed there. How about having your data identified and mapped for you? LeakMap offers you this and your raw data.

No Censorship or Restrictions

Don’t waste your time on leaked sources that are censored and that you can’t be make sense of. CatchProbe does not hide what belongs to you and, moreover, we provide added value by not logging your activities on the platform. CatchProbe LeakMap is for those who care about their privacy, and we care about yours just as much.

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