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Value Added Reseller

A value-added reseller is a company that enhances another company's products by adding valuable features or services to those products. With the ability to tailor packages with enhanced and customized services for different businesses of different sizes and industries, our PaaS enablement brings a fresh point of view to this business model.

Why Partner with CatchProbe?

Our white-label infrastructure rental and PaaS model enables you to buy the CatchProbe platform and sell it along with your products and or services. CatchProbe’s platform is easy to access, learn, and use which makes it simple and practical to deploy.

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The Best Threat Intelligence Solution for Partners

Institutions need superior solutions in a world where the number of threats and threat actors are increasing alarmingly fast. CatchProbe not only offers improved versions of existing threat intelligence solutions and deception, detection, and prevention services, but we also offer them in one platform where they work in harmony with each other.

VAR Connect Partner Program Benefits

REDUCE TIME Cut the time spent on forming and running an intelligence operation.

BUILD TRUST Our products are lawful, ethically adherent, and recommended by organizations.

STOP HUMAN DEPENDENCY Lessen the dependency on humans and destress your business.

REASSURE QUALITY The creativity, innovation, and quality of our product are trusted by many users.

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