Having an online presence helps to market businesses, grow sales, build relationships and partnerships, and increase brand awareness. However, your presence also can put your entire organization at risk. For years, experts like us have warned organizations of the importance of IT security but it took many data breaches and lived consequences for companies to take these risks seriously. Our AI-powered intelligence platform allows you to safely and easily scan the surface, deep, and dark webs and find leaked and/or sold data that can compromise your business and reputation.



Monitor for Compromised Assets

We are here to help you keep your assets, products, and data safe from compromise by allowing you to monitor company asset sales on the dark web.


Be Aware of The Risks

Be aware of the tools that are continuously being developed, shared, and discussed on criminal channels and forums to prevent them being used against your organization.


Insider Threat Discovery

Not all threats come from cybercriminals. Valuable data leaks may also come from within your organization and CatchProbe enables you to address them immediately.


Receive Targeted Alerts

Respond to emerging breaches and new data leaks before they spread and become threats.


Respond Rapidly

Track compromised data across numerous hidden communications channels and actors and monitor them to prevent reputational damage.


Leak Attribution

Profile key actors that distribute and sell data and review their records.