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Not all threats come from cybercriminals. Valuable data leaks may also come from insider threats and CatchProbe enables you to address them immediately. With CatchProbe SmartDeceptive’s artificial intelligence-based traps, specifically set for your internal network, gain comprehensive insight into the exposures and acts of insiders for early in-network threat detection.


Key Features


Be Aware

Profile the attacks and threat actors that target you and your organization.


Gain Time

Get valuable information, fast.


Set Your Traps, Now

Set your traps easily and start using of them immediately. Going after attackers has never been simpler.

Next Generation is Here

Request your demo and get started with our next generation AI-based traps right away.

View Attacks

Any attack made against these AI-based traps profiles the attackers and presents you the data you need on your own dashboard.

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Detect and Combat the Insider Threats

Let the product analyze large amounts of data and provide insight in seconds.

Suits Your Need

Our SmartDeceptive deception-as-a-service product can be deployed as a SaaS, PaaS or on-premises solutions.

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