With SmartDeceptive, ready-made traps are integrated with your system in seconds to start deceiving attackers without operating system constraints. We provide rich Windows, Linux, and ICS scenarios that enable you to view attacks that are being made against your ICS infrastructure from the attackers’ perspectives so you can act immediately. Any attack made against your AI-based traps profiles your attackers and presents you with their information on your own dashboard. By analyzing the type of attack, you can determine whether it was a structural attack carried out by a sophisticated threat actor. Connect SmartDeceptive to ThreatWay and achieve auto incident response through SIEM/FIREWALL integration.


Key Features


Next Generation AI-Based Traps

Attackers can identify traditional honeypots. Deceive them with SmartDeceptive.


Be Aware

Profile the attacks and threat actors that target you and your organization.


Set Your Traps, Now

Set your traps easily and quickly and start using of them immediately. Going after attackers has never been simpler.

The Next Generation is Here

Request your demo and set up your next generation, AI-based traps to deceive cyberattackers in seconds

View the Attacks

Any attack made against these AI-based traps profiles the attackers and presents you the data you need on your own dashboard.

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Be Aware of Structured Attacks

By analyzing attack types and their details you can determine whether an attack was a structural attack carried out by a sophisticated attacker.

Suits Your Need

Our SmartDeceptive deceptive-as-as-service product can be deployed as a SaaS, PaaS or on-premises solutions.

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