The world of attackers is at your fingertips for your cyber intelligence needs.

CatchProbe DarkMap dominates the web intelligence world and invites you there to allow you to find sensitive information about you or your organization on alternative web networks, social media, and deep web, without censorship and any need for installation.

The information shared on the web may be used by threat actors to harm you, which is why for every piece of information that belongs to you, you need to be aware of where they are being shared. Achieve this security and access to complete intelligence with CatchProbe DarkMap.

Web Intelligence has reached a very important point for both governments and companies with increasing internet technologies. Our WebInt product DarkMap scans, analyzes, processes, enriches, and conveniently delivers the entire Web, Dark Web, and Deep Web. With your authorized analysts and dynamic analytics displays, you can easily manage many scenarios simultaneously. The media industry, financial institutions, government agencies, security forces, petrochemical companies and the private sector use DarkMap in a wide range of ways, from market analysis, regional analysis and competitor analysis to criminal investigation processes, counterterrorism, national security practices, fraud investigations, and threat prevention.

Cloud-Delivered Intelligence Across Surface Web, Deep Web and Social Media

Meet AI in Intelligence

The AI technology we created does the intelligence for you.

View Your Threats

View the attacks being made to your organization through the eyes of attackers.

Start Using Right Away

DarkMap does not require any installation. Enter the intelligence world in minutes and without the need for an analyst.

The Challenges

The ever-increasing attack surface and growing IT architecture make it difficult to understand the motivation of threat actors, their attack techniques, and what strategy they are executing against your organization. It takes experience and expertise to understand the many structural cyberattacks that take place and to be aware of campaigns against organizations.

Applying this expertise and experience with traditional methods is extremely costly and difficult today. Meeting all these needs with a central platform provides a comfortable space for all institutions and organizations.
CatchProbe provides comprehensive intelligence to security teams to enable them to protect the environment and data.

CatchProbe DarkMap is not just a platform where you can feed on intelligence information. With its powerful analysis capabilities, data enrichment and infrastructure equipped with artificial intelligence, it carries you to the line of next generation defense technologies.

CatchProbe DarkMap main goal is to make exploration and indexing in all layers on Internet, social media, Deep Web and Dark Net. Archiving the targeted pages without missing any content and intelligence is one of our main goals. We automate the content tracking and discovery processes with AI driven engines and algorithms.

Organizations can add hundreds of assets to tracking with CatchProbe DarkMap includes;

• Domains

• Company Names

• IP addresses

• Brand Names

• Social Media Profiles

• Product Names

• Names of VIP

• Campaign Names

• Patent Numbers

• Phone Numbers

• ID Numbers

• Document Markings